Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Intern Trip to Iguazu Falls!

This week our intern group went on a trip to the glorious Iguazu Falls! Iguazu Falls is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. The falls are in three countries: Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. We went to see the falls on the Brazil side. We love Brazil! It was exciting to travel to another country.

It took us about seven hours of bus rides to get to Iguazu Falls. But what great quality time spent together...

As you will see in the pictures though, it was totally worth it!!

When we got to the falls, herds of Quati (opossums) rushed to greet us. But those cute cat rodents were just waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal our chipa*. It´s tempting to set your backpack down in order to get the perfect picture of yourself for your mom, but those little rascal Quati will literally leap on your bag and then it´s bye bye forever.

I was an eye witness to the event of a Quati fleeing the scene with a bag clutched in its teeth, its pack running madly behind. Beware of the chipa theives!

My first view of Iguazu Falls was magical. The water falls are massive, powerful, and graceful; and you´ve never seen anything like it unless you have been there. There is a rainbow that is constantly next to the falls, and adds to the wonder of the place. The walk down to the falls features several more beautiful views, but the best part is getting to the falls themselves. There is a bridge that goes over the water where you can stand right next to the falls. It is amazing! I wanted to stay there forever. I could not get over my awe of this natural work of beauty.

After an inexpressably exquisite afternoon at Iguazu Falls, we went to a Brazilian churrascaria (barbeque). The food was so good! There were about 10 different types of meat to try, and of course, Brazilian Coke and Guaraná**. But really, who can turn down South American Coke? I. Love. It.

After the glorious meal, it was time to go back to Paraguay. And so, we had another seven hour bus ride... We arrived back in Asuncion around 10pm- just in time to get a good night´s sleep before going back to work the next day.

-It was another amazing day as an Elevate intern-

*Chipa: Small, baked, cheese-flavored rolls that are a popular snack in Paraguay and Argentina.
**Guaraná: A soft drink flavored like the South American Guaraná berry, originating in Brazil.

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Mary Morton

Mary is a TESOL major at Brigham Young University, Hawaii. She loves teaching English, reading, dancing, traveling, and trying new things. She is currently an intern teaching English and writing content, and this is her second time working for Elevate in Paraguay (because it is so awesome).